Association of Russian Oil and Gas

Field Services Providers


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Today the non-commercial organization “Association of Russian Oil and Gas Field Services Providers” (Soyuzneftegazservice, SNGS) associates the leading oil and gas field services providers of the Russian Federation. Membership in Soyuzneftegazservice has been set up for 40-50 companies and is granted only to the companies actively involved in the oil and gas field services development in Russia and abroad.

Admission of new members is effected by the direct voting of the Soyuzneftegazservice members and only after the applicant company have submitted the full information about aims of entry to the Soyuzneftegazservice and its implementation program. Membership to the Soyuzneftegazservice is open only for the corporate bodies with approved successful track record not less than 5 years.

Regulations for joining the Soyuzneftegazservice are easy and simple. At all stages of joining us you are welcome to call for our assistance.

Stage 1.

Be sure that your organization is interested in development not only the business but also in development and promotion of the common market of the Russian oil and gas field services. Get in touch with your colleagues being our members to know our activities and our ways of working. Recommendations (oral or written) you receive from our members are to push up our first meeting.

Stage 2.

You need to fill up the Application form and Declaration of joining. Please note that your declaration should  correspond strictly to the standard declaration form below, should be made as your company’s official letter, signed by your company’s director and affixed with the seal. The documents you prepared should be first scanned and sent via email  or by fax to us. As you call to us and receive the confirmation of receipt of these documents and its registration number, you should send us the original documents by registered post. Please take attention that if we do not receive the original documents it is a reason to reject your application to be considered.

Application form.doc                        Standard declaration form.doc

Stage 3.

After you sent via email and by registered post the above mentioned documents the director of your company should get in touch with the administration of the Soyuzneftegazservice. All needed contact information will be given to you as we receive and consider your application form, declaration and recommendations. The main target of this stage is to reply to the questions of your company’s administration. Your company should inform the administration of the Soyuzneftegazservice about non resident participation in your company.

As at January 1st, 2010 the single initiation and annual membership fees are:

Stage 4.

Your company receives an invoice for payment the joining fee for the Soyuzneftegazservice. The joining fee (to be paid only once) and further membership  fees (to be paid each year) are to be updated  by the administration of the Soyuzneftegazservice. The amount of the fees to be paid are approved by the Presidium of the Soyuzneftegazservice (President), the policy is approved by all members of the Soyuzneftegazservice.

The invoice for joining fee payment will be attached with the official letter guaranteeing that the joining fee will be reimbursed in case if the General members meeting of the Soyuzneftegazservice does not accept the applicant organization have paid the joining fee.

Please note that the payment of the fees is made only on account in RF rubles.

Stage 5.

All applications are to be included to the agenda of the General members meeting of the Soyuzneftegazservice together with other issues (day of meeting calling as per schedule plan).

Please note that if you fail any of the above mentioned stages your application is at the risk of missing the earliest general members meeting. |In this case after proper performance of the stages your application will be considered during the next general members meeting. Please verify the date by the administration of the Soyuzneftegazservice.